Black tile surround shower, half wall & separate tub w claw foot

Another project in the process #showerstall
Vertical half stagger
One tile at a time one by one mostly cut to fit… 1/2” knotch trowel to spread thinset
It takes time for layout. Making sure a horizontal line n vertical line on layout.
Layout is starting point to corners, edge of perimeter, finish with sloter (gold change to black) (what a head ache).
Surface for prep, was coated with Redguard membrane, over 1/2” harti-backer, screwed to studs n insulation. After bed liner was installed w 2” 3 piece drain.

Black shower stall & freestanding 4-leg Tub

Creative Bathroom Introduction


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I know there is a capacity to investigate and Dream for updates on Bathroom Remodels, where, as I have invested, most my life remodeling Bathrooms, Kitchens, total home restoration.

One of my challenges, started in 1998 while working in restoring a very old house in Salt Lake City, on B Street, which construction of this home, started in the year 1905, made of a brick foundation, a concrete terrace, 4 stories including the basement and attic conversion to a playroom.

I began in upstairs double bath and shower separated rooms with adjoining toilet water closet room. I had to demo all existing plumbing and open all walls to reframe structure, require all new plumbing, walls, etc. install two new vanities with sink and one jetted tub and standing shower with glass door.

As you will see 1″ inch porcelain tile on floor and ceramic 3″ + 5″ brick stack wall veneer with accent sizzle strip and linen cabinet.

Then started kitchen addition, because there was not enough room for a decent size kitchen. another phase in the process of restoring this antique house, which I will also displace a kitchen picture.

B Street 100

The renovation is a tedious process, renewing plumbing, electrical, framing is a nightmare, being of old methods and dimensions. Usually, framing has to be updated to uniform building codes, in other words, strengthen to earthquake specifications.

I am interested in demonstrating step by step instructions on how to rebuild your shower or tub enclosures, from interior plumbing to placing valve or setting rough plumbing drains and running water lines to faucets.

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Mosaic tile floor and cove base to 3*6 ceramic tile walls

Mosaic tile Shower enclosure

How to choice Bathroom remodeling or Decoration preparation


Older lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting cast unattractive shadows and odd color hues on your skin.

If changing a fixture isn’t possible, you can upgrade the bulb with some of the new fluorescent bulbs that are similar in color warmth to the light cast on a bright, sunny day.

Once you’ve upgraded the lighting quality of your bathroom, paint is the next quick and easy upgrade to the bathroom. Pick light colors for large surfaces like the walls and save the darker, richer tones for accents.

Check how your color choices look in your upgraded lighting before you paint since color temperature can change a color’s shade.

Set a weekend aside, invite friends over and try a few of these ideas to give your bathroom a makeover.

The quick and easy bathroom decorating ideas.

Before Details

There are too numerous selections and styles for trimming out the bathroom. Start, for one thing, you almost need to pick faucet valve finish and style for matching accessories

Knowing Faucets and Accessories

In my days (that mean fifty years ago), there were three or four common metals, Chrome, Brass, Antique-brass, even Gold plated valve bodies with acrylic or oak w/porcelain handles. Not much to pick from, fpricefpister, Moen, then came cheap echo-no brands, copies.

Times have changed, Those days are over, chrome is still most popular for a finish, and most practical in commercial uses. Since chrome is easy to clean as far as water residue strains removal.

What types of finishes

Today, the most popular metallic finish is Brushed Nickel

Choose accordingly

There is a large selection of bathroom faucets to find the faucet that best fits your bathroom’s style and needs. Choose from traditional, contemporary, and transitional faucets that come in a variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a two-handle or single-handle faucet, widespread or center single set.

Challenge Set The Mood

If you’re tired of walking into your dated bathroom and dream of a change, bathroom decorating ideas for you that are inexpensive and simple to do.

The most important upgrade you can make in your bathroom involves lighting. A study found that lighting, paired with the right color, affects mood. Changing out your lighting is not difficult or expensive to do, but makes a bathroom look fresher and larger.


Paint your walls with the perfect shade you selected. It’s no longer necessary to choose gloss in a bathroom to combat moisture, ask the paint shop to add an additive to matte paint to keep it from mildewing.

Do not just paint the walls — purchase an eggshell or semi-gloss paint and paint the cabinets, too.

About Jonathan

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My Story

I started out as plumber right out of high school in Walnut, California. Yes a California boy, haha!!! Tanning was a hobby on the beach… Well, I married a plumbers daughter, see I’ve had plumbing in my blood, ever since… Since remodeling countless bathrooms, room-additions house extensions, total home renovation, etc.

Moved to Salt Lake City, in 1996, 22 Years renovating homes, installing rough plumbing down to finish,  installing new fixtures cabinets, countertop, faucets, showers with tubs, shower liner pans (water proved), tile on the floor, walls, even ceilings, steam rooms, jacuzzi, etc. list goes on…

But, this about me in all remodeling trades, carpentry and plumbing are my favorite. I love producing new looks, creating excellent functioning bathrooms and comfortable appearance

Yours truly

Jonathan Leslie


I believe I could give great advise and self-help videos on remodeling bathrooms giving visual choices.


My goal is to save time in all in one direction of gathering necessary accessories, accentuate the variety of fixture displace and styles, with reasonable pricing.


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Jonathan Leslie